Governors DeSantis & Newsom Debate Tonight - 'Great Red vs. Blue State'

Photo: Canva

(Alpharetta, GA) -- Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom are hours away from their debate.

The 90-minute show on FOX News will be a chance for each governor to present their different ideologies to a national audience. DeSantis is lagging in the polls recently as the GOP presidential hopeful, and Newsom is seen by insiders as an alternative to Joe Biden should the President choose to drop out of the race.

The two political heavyweights will take the debate stage in Alpharetta, Georgia. Sean Hannity will moderate the showdown which airs at 9 p.m. Eastern Thursday on Fox News Channel and on NewsRadio 610, WIOD.

The Los Angeles Times is encouraging voters to play along and has put together bingo cards to use while the Governors debate. There are four bingo cards to choose from, and each square has a word or phrase that will likely be used during the nationally televised event. Words like "Woke," "Homeless," or "Trump," and phrases like "smash and grab," "2020 election results," and "January 6th" will get you closer to calling "Bingo!"

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