Were the Brock Purdy Haters Right?

Photo: Michael Reaves

San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy was the subject of much criticism and doubt before losing to the Kansas City Chiefs last night in Super Bowl LVIII, and Dan Beyer thinks the haters now have even more ammunition in their efforts to pile on the second-year slinger. And Doug Gottlieb agrees and reminds us that Purdy had plenty of opportunities to win that game but simply couldn’t get it done when it mattered the most.

Dan Beyer:“They put the game on his shoulders in the 3rd quarter and the offense didn’t do anything...for all of the (Brock) Purdy haters out there; they got a lot of ammunition from last night’s game.”

Doug Gottlieb: “I’m with you...You either do, or you don’t.”

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