Colin Cowherd on Philip Rivers: 'What He Had to Overcome Was Remarkable'

Colin Cowherd: “Philip Rivers was drafted the same year as Eli Manning and Big Ben, who both have two rings. They’ll both be first ballot Hall of Famers. Philip Rivers has one conference championship appearance. He did have five coaches though, one of them fired after he went 14-2. Consider Philip Rivers has more passing yards, touchdowns, completions, and a higher passer rating than Big Ben and Eli, and has more wins than Eli. The only knock on Philip Rivers was that he ‘wasn’t very effective in the playoffs.’ He had five head coaches, his franchise moved, and a coach that was 14-2 got fired… Philip Rivers should get into the Hall of Fame. Look at his numbers and look what he had to overcome. It’s remarkable… Philip Rivers’ career, if from day 1 had he had elite coaching, offensive lines, ownership, and stability, HE would have been the Hall of Famer, and Eli and Ben would probably be on the outside looking in.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Philip Rivers’ retirement from the NFL and why he not only believes Rivers will be a Pro Football Hall of Famer, but why he thinks Rivers would have had a better career than his 2004 NFL Draft brethren Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger if the roles were reversed and he had gone to the Giants or Steelers franchises, and not the second-rate Chargers.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Rivers had a ‘remarkable’ career and one that was phenomenal even throughout the tumultuous Chargers drama.

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